roller blinds

roller blinds provide a simple, stylish and timeless effect.  the simplicity of roller blinds sees this blind choice a leading seller of recent times, suiting the minimalistic approach to the architectural trends of current times.

control options
- spring, chain and motorisation.

- single (one blind), dual (two blinds individually operated on the one dual bracket system), multi-link (two or more blinds operating off the one chain, spring assist (spring loaded to ease the load on chain operation – particularly for the larger blind), overlap (overlapping of blinds to reduce the amount of light / increase privacy due to reduced gaps between blinds), fascia cassette system & fabric covered pelmets  (to hide the visibility of the roll and brackets).

fabric options
- the roller blind fabric range spans a wide variety of colours and styles, meeting client’s requirements from sheer to translucent through to full blockout.   the vast fabric choice enables the benefits of light control, insulation from U.V. rays, glare reduction and heat control.

roman blinds

roman blinds (one of the most popular window treatments) tend to suit almost any interior from the most contemporary to the more traditional style of home.  with the enormous range of styles and fabrics available to the roman blind, it can be adapted to fit all personalities.

control options
- cord & cleat, chain and motorisation

- back batten (using drapery fabric with a seamless finish at front), front batten (using drapery with fabric covered horizontal battens at the front of the blind), oasis (stained or painted exposed horizontal battens at the front of the blind), virtis & elite (visible horizontal seam lines at the front of the blind), Soft / Island (no battens used giving a very soft un-perfect look, generally used with sheer fabric)

fabric options
- roman blinds are available in an enormous range of fabrics (both coated or uncoated blind  fabrics and drapery fabrics) spanning a wide variety of colours, prints and textures, in various weights from sheer to translucent through to full blockout, once again enabling the benefits of light control, insulation from U.V. rays, glare reduction and heat control.

venetian blinds

the ever popular venetian blind gives the flexibility of privacy and light control to suit any interior from bedrooms through to offices.

control options - cord & tilting wand or motorised

styles / colour options - 16mm micro, 25mm slimline, 50mm wideline, 46, 60 & 84mm cedar (oiled, stained or painted), 50mm & 60mm woodmate (timber look) – all coming in an attractive range of colours


drapes are a consistently popular window covering option.  the diversity of styles and fabrics available today, permit drapes to exude elegance, comfort and flair to windows in any home.  having stood the test of time and renowned for their outstanding thermal qualities drapes offer the protection australia’s distinctive seasons demand.

control options - manual, cord and motorised

styles - an abundant range of decorative tracking is available along with many pelmet and heading styles such as inverted pleat, knife pleat, pinch pleat, pencil pleat, gather tape, eyelet, tab, goblet and many more.

fabric options - an unlimited range of fabrics are available by sample in our showroom.  from your more traditional prints to the latest trends of gorgeous textures, natural fibers, contemporary prints, marvelous metallics and stunning sheers.

panel glide blinds

a reasonably new addition to window coverings, panel glide provides the perfect choice for larger windows, sliding doors, room dividers offices and patios.  stacking neatly together when open, panels glides offer flexibility effectively controlling light, shade and u.v. rays.

control options - free-floating and individually adjusted by hand, or otherwise operated by cord or wand for a more controlled approach.  the panels stack in sequence behind one another and are available either centre or one-way opening.

styles - recommended individual panel sizes start from 300mm (minimum) extending to 1100mm (maximum)

fabric options - available in a vast range of fabrics, panel glides allow selection form a wide variety of colours, prints, weights and textures, including sheer to translucent through to full blockout.  panel glides are also available in most drapery fabrics.

plantation shutters

shutters provide a classic look, evoking timeless beauty in both traditional and contemporary homes.  our superior finishes in both our basswood (giving the natural beauty of timber) and polyresin (a modern, long lasting material) options are designed to last.  suitable for windows, doors, room dividers and wardrobes.

control options - hinged, hinged bi-fold, bi-fold on track, sliding (by-pass) on track.  operated by traditional tilt-bar or clearview system.

styles / colour options - our basswood shutters are available in 65mm, 91mm and 116mm blades and a wide range of finishes including 22 stains and 4 paint colours. 

polyresin is available in 64mm, 89mm and 114mm blades and 4 contempoary colours.


this innovative design is both roller blinds and venetian in one.  suitable for both commercial and residential interiors, the sheerview offers great insulation properties as well as reduction in glare and u.v. rays.

control options - cord operation allowing simple adjustment to suit light control requirements.

styles / fabric options - fabrics are available in transparent and room darkening or transparent and translucent combinations.  the sheerview blind stacks neatly into a colour co-ordinated headbox.


our unique sheerline system is a roller blinds system featuring a double layer of alternating sheer and room darkening or translucent vanes.  the flexibility of adjustment allows full light into a room or a wide range of light control positions.

control options - continuous chain operation

fabric options - sheerline are made from 100% polyester fabric making them easy to clean and are available in a popular range of neutral tones.

pleated / cellular blinds

the pleated blind is possibly the most adaptable blind style on the market.  the pleated / cellular blinds are most renowned for their efficient thermal qualities and minimal stacking appearance.

control options - take your pick … from standard cordlock, continuous cord or chain, ultraglide (pumping action cord), literise (cordless) and motorised.

styles - pleated / cellular blinds are available in a wide range of shapes including triangular, arched, circular and asymmetric applications plus also the most popular covering for skylights.  the blinds can be operated from bottom up or top down as well as day/night using sheer and blockout fabrics within the one blind. 

fabric options - available in single pleat, duopleat (honeycomb) and architella (honeycomb within a honeycomb design).  spanning from sheer to translucent, through to blockout, suiting all types of thermal and privacy conditions.

suppliers - luxaflex, vertilux and designed blinds australia

vertical blinds

a very adaptable and cost effective way to cover your windows.  spanning up to 6 meters wide, windows are covered with ease.  vertical Blinds offer superior heat reflection whilst also enabling a view assisting to maintain an energy efficient environment.

control options - cord or flick stick operation

styles - vertical blinds suit a vast range of applications including cathedral and curved windows. 

fabric options - available in sheer, translucent and blockout fabrics with blades in 63mm, 90mm, 100mm and 127mm.